Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hi, My Name is Candice...And I'm Addicted to Facebook; and Other Random Thoughts of the Day.

           So hi.  My name is Candice and I am addicted to Facebook...again.  I go through phases with it.  I was addicted back when they first started all the game stuff when Farmville and Mafia Wars were fun and not so complicated.  Then I just got irritated of all the game requests and lack of real entertainment value in my new feed.  The next time my addiction reared it's head was shortly before my birthday this past year when I got a phone that would actually access the internet faster than dial up speeds.  This is also when I discovered my love for Andy Biersack but that's for another post.  With my new lighting fast phone in hand and no job in sight, Facebook became my closest companion once again.  Then reality struck and I had to be a grown up again and actually work for a living. So Facebook and I parted ways yet again.  Now for the third time in my life, I have come back to my good friend all be it a little altered from before but in such a way as I think we will enjoy a lasting friendship this time around.

            Now for the next random thought I had today.  Where have leggings been all my life and why and I just now discovering their awesomeness?  I have jumped on the leggings and skinny jeans bandwagon and I am in love.  I never thought that they would look good on me because I always thought my thighs were too big but I have found that with the right tops they are amazing and so comfortable.  I have even worn them tucked into boots which I was positive that I could never pull off.  Now I'm not saying I look like a runway model or anything but I don't look as grotesquely disproportionate as I expected.  Plus since they are so snug to your legs, they are surprisingly warm.  This is not a good revelation for me as Lord knows I need another obsession to spend money on but I can't wait to buy more.  And the funkier that pattern the better.  So far I have stuck to the neutral colors but only because I have not had the pleasure of finding any in such wonderful patterns yet as so often seen on the internet.  I must search these out so that I can add to my quickly growing collection. 

        Third random thought for the day.  I'm baking again this week.  Four cakes total but three of them are double layer so that means in actuality I have baked seven cakes.  And to my utter astonishment they all came out beautifully.  The cake gods have smiled on me this week and taken pity from my last disastrous endeavor.  But I am well ahead of schedule so they should be glorious for the Sugar Rush bake sale Saturday.  I have started the icing process on two and am pretty sure I will be able to get all the rest of the icing done tomorrow night. 

         That is all the randomness I have for today.  Check back later for more useless information and activities that happen in the life of a single mother.

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