Monday, November 4, 2013

Proof that I have a child.

           In today's post, I'll be sharing multiple stories that are all related to the joys of being a single mother of a toddler.  I hope that they bring you enjoyment in knowing that there are others out there who don't always have it all together but who do the best that they can for their children even in the worst of situations.  I'll be the first to tell you that I am usually a hot mess and at least 15 minutes (ok 30 minutes) late for everything.  I feel that I'm worth waiting for and always need to make a grand entrance.  Or so I'd like for everyone to believe.  The truth is I'm a horrible judge of time and how long something will actually take me to finish.  I always think that I can get up and be ready to go out the door in 15 minutes when in reality it takes me about 15 minutes to get out of bed and to the bathroom first thing in the morning and at least another 30 to finish my morning ablutions.  But enough of that.  On to the proof that I really do have a child as the title of this post implies.

Variations on a Theme #1:
           So it's Monday again.  Back to work and back to school.  So that means I have five hundred things to remember to take to school for Little Man.  We both hate getting up early and neither one of us are morning people so Monday mornings usually start with a lot of alarm snoozing and then a constant barrage of, "Wake up Son.  We have to go.  I need you to get dressed. We're running late," and so forth.  Well this morning was no exception but some how I managed to get us both dressed and out the door.  However as we are getting into the car my son decides that he doesn't want his previously requested breakfast muffins but instead would prefer his gummy fruit snacks.  So I run back in the house for the first time.  Yes the first time.  As I am pulling away from the house about to turn onto the street, I suddenly remember that I didn't grab his sheet and blanket for nap time.  So I turn the car around and run back into the house for the second time to retrieve them.  This was a good morning in that I only had to go back into the house twice and only had to turn the car around once to collect forgotten things.  Usually there are at least 3 trips back inside and 2 turn arounds one of which usually takes place from the school back to the house and back to school again.  That has happened more times than I'd like to count.  Luckily for me the two are relatively close to each other so the trips are short.  Never the less the multiple trips still make me late for work.  I just continue to set the goal of being on time the next day and carry on.  One day I will achieve it.

Variations on a Theme #2:
             Anyone who knows me well, knows that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  I love the cooler change the weather takes and the colors that the leave turn and the crisp snap of the autumn air.  I love dressing up and pretending to be something fabulous for that one day out of the year.  It is the only time of year that all social norms can be thrown out the window and your true uniqueness can be expressed without fear of judgment.  But this year the weather was rather uncooperative for the festivities that usually ensue on All Hallows Eve.  We woke this past October 31st to howling winds and pouring rain that continued on for the better part of the day.  It really hampered my mood as I did not want to think about traipsing around the town in puddles of water with a soon to be three year old.  But we lucked out and the hurricane like winds dried up most of the moisture that the sky chose to dump earlier during the day.  But when the time to go trick or treating rolled around, I was worn out from helping in Little Man's class with their Halloween party and then playing catch up at my job.  Oh and if you've read my previous post Disasters in Baking, you'll also know that I had to bake and decorate a birthday cake that night.  But I was determined to take my Little Man trick or treating.  So I through on a somewhat watered down version of the grand Halloween costume I had intended to wear and preceded to take Little Man out.  We first stopped to see a dear church friend who loves Little Man as if he were her own.  He thoroughly enjoyed playing her grandkids drum set and I see one in our future.

        After that, we continued on to my cousin Ellen's house where Little Man had an amazing time chasing her son D around the house flying in classic Ironman style.  Then JE and D took Little Man and I around the neighborhood to collect candy.  Sadly there were not many houses passing out this year.  I guess the early bad weather hampered their Halloween spirits as well.

          We ended the night with a quick stop at Mammy's house to collect our final loot and called it a success.

Variation on a Theme #3:
The sleepy head.


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