Friday, April 25, 2014

I live in Funky Town, but not the good one.

   I think I have told most of you that I am in love with the decorating blog Addicted 2 Decorating and I read it religiously.  The writer, Kristi, is a self-taught interior decorator and avid DIY'er.  She is so creative and industrious and she inspires me to get in my own house and really let my personality show through and gets my wheels turning to use my creativity and craftiness.  But there's a few problems with letting all of that creativity out of the box.  First, I rent, so I am limited on what I can do with my space.  I can't paint or change the floors or move walls or any of that good stuff because I don't own it.  But there are always ways around that.  I can hang pictures to cover the walls and get rugs to cover the floors.  I've done all that.  The second and probably most overwhelming problem is that I have too much stuff that I am trying to cram into too small of a space.  I have downsized from a spacious three bedroom 1900ish square foot ranch to a small 2 bedroom 1400ish square foot townhouse.  I went from having a lovely craft room/office to a craft closet with office/dressing table.  Also because of the layout of my townhouse there is very little actual wall space even though the rooms are open and quite spacious for the overall size.

  I just have too much junk but it is so hard to part with some of it.  Some things are family pieces that have been passed down and others are things that I have acquired over the years that I am still in love with.  But the clutter is suffocating me and I am dying to refinish some of my new to me furniture and really make the space as bright and colorful as possible.  The problem is that a lot of that furniture is currently over run with moving boxes that contain stuff that I don't know where, or have nowhere, to store.  So I am in a constant funk because my home space is so depressing.  I have the cutest bird theme going on in my kitchen with a beautiful aqua blue, rust red, and burnt yellow color them that I am trying to incorporate into my living and dining areas since they are all open to each other but I still need to keep those spaces open and functional because my pantry and laundry closet live I my dinning space.  I have to keep a certain clearance for the doors to the laundry closet and pantry so right now those doors are propped open with boxes so that I can still get to the washer and dryer.  It's all driving me nuts and I have a serious attack of spring fever but every time I muster up the strength and energy to tackle getting my house in shape I'm overrun with the anxiety of where to start.  I eventually just end up moving stuff from one room to another and never make any real progress. 

  It's so frustrating but I will conquer my foe.  I just need a plan of attack (and possibly a stick of dynamite) and I will get everything unpacked and organized so that the little OCD voice in my head will finally be able to rest, well at least for a minute or two. 

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