Monday, April 21, 2014

The Blog Tour Continues

Hello and welcome to any travelers continuing along on the blog tour started by Amanda over at Peaches in Missouri and Melissa at Crazy Camp Camacho .  I'm not sure how but I let Melissa talk me into participating in this blog tour to discuss my writing style.  So without any further ado let's dive right in.

Question 1:  What am I working on?
  Well the smart-aleck answer would be this blog tour.  Actually though I am in the process of writing a tutorial on how to create a paper mache alligator.  I just finished creating one for our local gumbo fest booth after much research.  I was very surprised that I was unable to find any such posts that went into detail on how to construct the frame and create the detail associated with an alligator.  I hope to have it completed within the week.

Question 2:  How does my work differ from others of my genre?
     I don't think that my work technically has a genre unless general randomness is considered a genre.  Most of my posts are unrelated other than the fact that they deal with topics that I face in life or just my thoughts in general.  So I guess my work differs from other in that it is doesn't fit into any definable genre.

Question 3:  Why do I write what I do?
     I write as a form of therapy and stress release.  I write about things that are troubling me as a way to talk through them and analyze them.  By putting my thoughts on to paper, or screen in this case, I'm able to focus on specific nuances and details that might otherwise slip past my normal thought processes and therefore I am able to apply a more thought out approach to solving or dealing with the issue.  I also write things that I think will be helpful or amusing to others.  I want other single mothers out there to know that they are not going through this alone and that we all face similar struggles with how best to raise our children.

Questions 4:  How does my writing process work?
   My writing process is quite simple.  I sit down in front of a computer and I let my mind simply release it thoughts through my fingers.  The hardest part of my writing is simply finding the time to actually do it.  I compose a million blog posts in my head through a day but am often unable to get them down before the next has barreled through obliterating that train of thought possibly forever.  My process is that I have no process.  I just type whatever thought crosses my mind.  If you have read my blog for any length of time you are aware of this.  I often start my post with one topic in mind and quite often end up taking a detour to cover something else.

Well, those are the questions that I was asked to answer in today's post.  I hope that my answers were scintillating and informative and will encourage others who are thinking about starting a blog to get out there and show us your stuff.  This should be prove enough that you don't have to have a degree in literature or journalism to write a blog.  A blog should be as unique and individual as the person writing it.  Even if you think that you have nothing of interest to someone else or that your life isn't exciting enough to blog about, do it anyway.  Do it for you and you might just end up helping someone else in the process.  Do it as a way to chronicle the milestones of your children's lives or even just your own.  One day you will have something tangible to look back on and say, "Oh I remember that now when Susie Q colored her eyebrows purple with a permanent marker and it took weeks to grow out and it was right in the middle of school pictures!"  You may be able to look back now and laugh when you cried at the time.  Those will be the memories that you tell their future significant others when they come home for dinner to meet the parents.  Nothing is insignificant if it can bring a smile to just one person.

And now here are a few of the bloggers that I most enjoy following.  Go check them out and I hope that you'll return here for the next misadventure!

Amanda at  The Glouner Family blog . Amanda is a work at home mom of two adorable children.  Somehow she manages to work two part time jobs, educate her children, and be an amazing photographer.

Kristi at Addicted 2 Decorating . Kristi is an interior decorator turned blogger.  She shows how to decorate and redecorate your space by doing it yourself and on a budget.  She is extremely knowledgeable about decorating products and offers lots of tutorials on how to do everything from sewing curtains to building a side table.

Christina Antus at Christina Antus formerly Raisins and Goldfish. Christina lives in Colorado with her husband, two daughters, big-boned cat and resilient goldfish she never remembers to feed.
After the birth of her first daughter, she traded her career in multimedia/web design for a full time role at home with her kids.

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