Monday, June 2, 2014

Our Trip to Sunny Destin, Florida

Ok most of you know from previous posts how much is dislike Florida.  It's normally too hot, too humid, and too irritating.  But my mom and my son love the beach and the ocean breeze so for their sake I went along and we took a family trip to Destin, Florida. Now don't get me wrong.  Florida is beautiful especially in the pan-handle with it's white sugar sand beaches and emerald waters bright vibrant colors.  That is one thing I actually love about Florida is that they have no issues painting a building bright orange or coral with neon yellow or day glow blue trim.  And in some crazy way it works down there.  So I do enjoy the scenery if it can be viewed from a well air conditioned place.  I must say though the week we were there the weather gods took pity on me and gave us several days humidity free with temperatures in the high 70's.  Perfect.  It didn't start getting unbearable until our last few days so I just put my big girl panties on and dealt with it for the sake of my son's enjoyment.  Here are a few pictures to illustrate the joy that he has from being out in the sun and surf.  I'll do a separate post for our pirate ship adventure.

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